Speed Cycling tips: Build explosive quad strength

Here at speed sport cycles were not only about educating you on the best bikes that are out there, but also on how to ride your bike faster and how to be a better biker and cyclist- whether your doing it for competition or for fun.

This upcoming post takes for the philosophy from a friend of mine who goes by the singular name of went. He has no last name, just like Pele, his name is Prince, – just like other great ones with no last name lol . He hasĀ been educating us over the years it is been a huge help to know in the biking community but to the general health and lots community as a whole. I asked him his opinion on how to build explosive quads that also had enduranceĀ capabilities and he told me YES it’s possible. He said that the best way to build quad strength obviously is through squatting in through pushing for your lower body. And by pushing that basically means loading up The quads one not loading up your knees and meniscus. He told me that the proper way to squat is to throw your hips back and make sure your stable on your ankles, which means that you will be putting the load on the muscle and not the joint tendons or ligaments. And one of the best exercises you can do for quad strength is the front squat.

Kettlebell training: building quad strength for cyclists

Basically you need to hold a barbell, kettle bell, or a couple of dumbbells up on your shoulders in the front, and you push up-and-down and basically just do squats and you should feel it burning in the front part of your legs or you watch which are very important for delivering a blow into the pedal of your bike. So that’s pretty cool. You could also follow this quick video for a quicker workout, totally your call:

Another one you can do are lunges lunges are a great exercise for individual I strengthen your legs, and you can do those about 45 different ways. The first is to just do a regular bodyweight lunge. The second is to do a jumping lunch we jump up-and-down and landed in perfect form (kind of as seen in the video.) The next one is to do awaited lunch for you to go slow. Next is to do a lunch with weight on your back. And the final progression is to do a lunch with weight over top of your head see you chords a little bit more stabilized. And probably the final exercise is to do a step up with the same progression that your lunches. So it’s not rocket science to building explosive quiet in odyssey you want to foam roll them out and stretch them out afterwards but if you do enough sets and enough intensity you should be able to build Dominant quads, nice and wide so you can ride your bike even faster and longer and harder.

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