Underwater Cycling

First, we’re going to say “yes”, this actually DOES exist! LOL

Here’s proof:

Isn’t that just amazing?

I would say that if you are going to try this, you should definitely have someone who knows what they are doing help you out. You need a spotter and obviously a pool big enough to handle it. You’re also going to need someone who does pool resurfacing if you don’t want to screw up your pool tile or plaster when testing for our times and getting our pool ready, we recommend using a trusted company in your area.  And actually, we had to build the entire facility from scratch if you can believe that. When it came to the plans, we wanted to give a huge shoutout to Mike at the best commercial roofing contractors Fort Worth has to offer! They built and designed an amazing structure to house our pool, leak free, simply fantastic. Appreciate that guys!

But let’s just get right into what exactly this is and if it can improve your cycling:

Various Forms of Aqua-Biking

Under-water biking, as clear in the title, can be just a game which requires driving a bike under water. It’s a very tough game which needs high degree of endurance and strength.Under-water biking could be completed in a swimming pool or even in the beds of lakes or oceans. Riders utilized specifically made compact bikes and use ski diving tools to participate in. Continue reading

Garage Space Organization for your Racing Bikes

Have you ever wondered how some people keep their garages miraculously clean an organized? There is an are and science to it. And it’s not just about keeping your space looking good. Physiologists have analyzed studies that show that organization keeps your mind healthy and focused and you can actually improve athletic performance because you aren’t as stressed. The link to that study is here. Crazy but True.

how to keep your garage organized for your race bike

We hear it all the time. You just can’t keep things organized. But here’s 10 steps you can take to make sure your bike is easily accessible at all times to keep your riding game as fresh as possible.

  1. Always put everything back in the same place as where it goes. I cant emphasize this one enough. You get into the habit and good things will happen as a result.
  2. Get an organization plan. If you fail to plan, you plan to fail. Write your organization plan down on paper and you will be able to follow it better.
  3. Get the center cleared. It will make your garage look a lot bigger. You can keep your car in it if need be, if not, you’ll have a place to keep your bike stored.
  4. Get bike rack hangers. Have you ever seen those people with bikes hanging from the ceiling? It may look a little weird, but guess what, at least they’re not wasting space. Plus those people are usually more organized and less stressed than the rest of us.
  5. Get organizers for the sides. One of the biggest things you can do is get shelves or organizers to keep everything in its place and away from point #4.
  6. Make sure you label everything. As long as everything has a place, it should be labeled correctly. It will make your life so much easier if you just organize it, starting in the garage!

your thoughts?

What do you think about having a clean garage? Do you notice better performance and less stress when yours is organized? Feel free to let us know in the comments!

[note: This article was provided to us by our biking friends at Phoenix Garage Floor Epoxy. You can visit their website by going to their store and I’m sure they will appreciate the support!]

Strength Training for Triathlons

New Ideas Into Strength Training Never Before Revealed

Speaking of improving the grade of life, strength training works tremendously well in regard to the way it can boost metabolism and improve how you train for a triathlon. It is one of the best post pregnancy exercise regiments and is necessary to build lean muscle mass and boost the body’s metabolism. Strength training for volleyball demands the understanding of periodization. Strength training for sprinters that are seriously interested in winning must incorporate kettlebell swings! It involves using resistance to increase your muscle mass and physical strength, increasing your overall fitness. It also helps alleviate the symptoms of chronic conditions such as arthritis. As a golfer, you need to be keenly mindful of the a variety of strength training for golf exercises specific for the sport which can help you grow to be an even superior player.

It is also possible to add resistance to numerous bodyweight exercises of course. As you become stronger, you can boost the resistance. It is necessary then to locate a resistance or weight you can use without a whole lot of difficulty.

If you prefer to boost your strength and your muscle size, and perhaps burn off some extra fat at precisely the same time, there’s probably no greater method of doing it than with a 5X5 workout routine. There are those who don’t take this serious and so, they wind up gaining no strength but become weaker. The precise sort of strength needed is based on the activity you take part in. It is something that can make you become the kind of golfer that you want to become at the quickest possible time. Muscular strength is the target of powerlifters. On top of that, you will dramatically boost your physical strength in the approach.

Weight training for women is a huge way to construct a toned, wholesome body. Fortunately, it is a type of activity that can alleviate some of the symptoms of menopause! As a consequence, there are several kinds of weight training for soccer.

Strength Training: the Ultimate Convenience!

Nowadays you know the causes of training and weight reduction plateaus, the best way to overcome is to be fundamental modifications to your regime to introduce more variety in your program. Lifting weights, whatever the explanations for doing so, will develop muscles. As a way to progress to lift heavier weights you have to think positively and would like to succeed. Your own body weight stipulates the resistance. Within this hub, you are going to learn the way to do a little bit of body weight and completely free weight exercises on a workout bench.

Exercise can offer lifelong positive aspects,” Androsik explained. It’s important not to forget that an exercise for each and every movement isn’t being designed yet. It’s vital to do all exercises with the correct form and a full array of movement if you prefer to acquire the best results from them.

Unequivocally, it has been demonstrated that exercise plays an important part in the managing of type-2 diabetes. As soon as it’s a decent exercise, we’re always searching for something more. The ideal strength exercises work a lot of muscle in every movement, enabling you to really load up the weight. With the abundance of exercises readily available, it is first essential to define an actual strength training exercise to maximize an athlete’s abilities for some sport.

Circuit training is intended to create muscular endurance. Strength training demands a lot of cardiovascular in addition to respiratory aid. This sort of training includes using very heavy weight for a little number of repetitions to boost a player’s maximal strength. There are a large variety of people who are attempting to do effective strength training for basketball, but aren’t sure it’s possible because no matter what they try they never realize the outcome that they would like to.

By employing total body workouts you’ll simply have to workout three days weekly, on non-consecutive days. Also, the kinds of workouts and how frequently you should workout for a woman is going to be discussed. It relies on you changing up your workouts regularly in order for your body doesn’t get used to a sort of training. The proper mixed martial arts workout will not just have you looking good but will permit you to care for yourself in any scenario.

Exercise is amazingly very good for the brain. Bodyweight exercises are extremely efficient and an excellent way to construct functional strength right from the coziness of of your own core. There are lots of quad-strengthening exercises.

So as to increase your muscular endurance, you have to be aware of about muscle fitness. You should get in and escape the gym, in under an hour. Thus, there are a number of soccer certain workouts.

Recovery Nutrition: how to refuel your body

Understanding Recovery Nutrition

Nutrition is a crucial part of sports related recovery. Recovery nutrition isn’t complicated, but it’s important. Nutrition for recovery is crucial, obviously. There are lots of things to think about when it has to do with recovery nutrition. It is not all about eating, of course. It is one of the most important factors in your triathlon training plan. Supplements aren’t meant to replace any present treatment program or medication.

A superior calorie, significant carb, significant protein diet will enhance your capacity to keep CNS health, this should come as no surprise. Eating a proper diet can lower your risk of having another stroke if you’ve had one from exercise int he past. In essence, what’s needed is a vital care diet, and rich in whole food related substances containing Foods should be in as near their normal state as possible. That means having a steady diet of good food, but supplements like a green whole food supplement, a probiotic supplement (Livia has a great version of this, one of the best we could find!… by far), and a good fish oil or cod liver oil supplement too

Eating properly is vital for physical wellbeing and proper recovery! Food is regarded as a method to fuel your body for optimal power and production, not as a means of managing stress or curbing emotions. Finally, you may be asking yourself if there are foods you ought to avoid in this recovery period. Because no 1 food can offer your body along with all the nutrients you will need for good health, it is necessary to eat various healthy foods daily.

recovery nutrition

Some products are made to taste great, be simple to consume and give you the nutrition you need prior to, during and following exercise. Clients in early recovery have a tendency to obtain excessive weight simply to turn into self-conscious and unhappy with their physical appearance, which might lead to anxiety and depression. Again, as shown, a lot of different nutrition alternatives and combinations can satisfy your fueling targets.

The Importance of Recovery Nutrition

My secret isn’t deviating much from my everyday regimen. In addition, it is critical to rehydrate after workouts. As soon as your workout is finished, have a complete food meal inside a couple hours. Perhaps you’re designing your own workout and diet program and may use a small expert advice. Exercise alone does not lead to a substantial increase in protein synthesis. While structured exercise is a significant area of the idea of movement, it doesn’t explain movement completely. Quite simply, training is about recovery. Continue reading

Best Bikes for Triathlon Training

New Questions About Which are the Best Bike for Triathlon Answered and Why You Must Read Every Word of This Report

The Debate Over Best Bikes for Triathlon Training and Competition

When you pick which bike you’re going to ride for your training, you’re not only are you going to receive a bike, you will also become part of the community related to that shop.  It’s crazy how much of a community bikers are. They’ll help you select a quality bike, and A quality bike also gives a dual pedal allowing for a selection of standard pedals or toe clips. When you believe you’ve found the ideal bike, take someone knowledgeable with you to really look it over. Or shoot us an email and we can tell you what we think.

Once you’ve got the bike, it’s your choice to ride it. With the broad variety at such excellent rates, you’re almost certain to discover a bike you like which meets all your spinning needs. This sprint triathlon that we’ve found is a bike that has a selling price tag of approximately $599. It’s especially good if you’re on a budget and don’t have a ton of money. Or if your’e a beginner. Therefore, even if your bike really isn’t the appropriate dimensions, so long as you receive the connection points in the perfect place it is still possible to accomplish a nice and comfortable bike fit. The perfect way to pick the best triathlon bike is to visit a reliable bike shop and get advice. Therefore, there are lots of used triathlon bikes out there whenever you are all set to choose the plunge.

Purchasing a bike may be complicated company. Cyclocross bikes are excellent commuter bikes, on account of the versatility, durability, and in the majority of instances, the capability to carry light loads. You don’t need to purchase a costly bike. To begin, you merely desire a simple racing bike.  You’ll obviously need to be strong, so make sure you build up your quad strength before you even think about buying a bike.

For the large part, any bike you may find should certainly do the job for your very first Triathlon. The critical issue is identical with any youngster’s bike guarantee the bike fits properly now and the kid feels comfortable and in charge of the bike. The correct bike may create a substantial difference in your bike split. It will make all the difference in the world, but it isn’t solely about the bike. The Johnny G. Pro bike is supposedly absolutely the most common indoor spinning bike regardless of the competition from various other brands. Today, each and every time trial bike in the marketplace has something similar.

If you’re planning on doing lots of cycling and not plenty of triathlons, then a cycling specific shoe is most likely the best choice. The bike is supposedly comfortable, user friendly and set up. Keep in mind, the best bike on the planet is no good should youn’t put in the training.

best bike for triathlon

Because you can see, triathlon shoes have lots several features in common. There’s a vast array of shoes and pedals out there. To begin with, the shoes have to be comfortable. It’s highly recommended that you get shoes that clip into the bike.

As long as you receive the equipment within the target range you’re able to reach a proper and effective bicycle fit. All the training on the planet won’t hold as much as a calorie deficit on race day. Next, bike handling skills ought to be the next element to think about. You won’t receive the same degree of triathlon prep that accompanies training on your own bike.

Should you not know whoever has done a triathlon, then don’t hesitate to email us with your queries or neglect to read about Jess’s very first triathlon on the website! If you prefer to do a triathlon, but aren’t sure you’re able to do it, rest assured you’re able to train for your very first one in only 3 months. Should you be thinking about completing a triathlon, bear in mind it will take a great deal of sacrifice. Triathlon is among the fastest growing sports in the usa and there’s a very good reason why. If you purchase new and obtain triathlon isn’t for you, you’re going to be able to detect an active market for selling your bike. Should youn’t train, you won’t race. Therefore, if you are likely to attempt a lengthier race, think shock absorption.

Should you need assistance with your swimming form, here is a few things to stay in mind. Remember you may always upgrade. Try to acquire the best you are able to afford.” So again, just try as many unique ones as possible to get those which suit you best. In case you have those 5 things, you are going to be all set. The worst thing you could do is to try to go too fast.

Essentially, the magnitude of a bike is decided by its frame size. Even when you’re not in terrific shape, if you may exercise for a quarter hour at one time, you can begin training to run your very first triathlon in 3 months (seriously). A very good fit also lowers the odds of cycling-related injuries. An expert bike fit ought to be on top of the any triathletes priority list to guarantee long-term cycling comfort, pleasure and performance. It isn’t that tri bike fitting wasn’t talked about.

Avoiding Traps in Buying a Sweet Racing Bike

If you’re planning on purchasing a cruiser bike for yourself, this article will write-up a few points out a few things that you need to remember. Instead of walking each time you go to the beach an individual can try out employing the cruiser bicycle and relish the experience. Jump on a fitness bike when you want.

Cycling is now an extremely competitive global sport and among the most demanding. It can generally improve a person’s fitness level and cardiovascular health. In reality if you’re trying to begin cycling in earnest then a mountain bicycle might be your best option to begin with.

With a dawn of technology and contemporary materials, assorted kinds of bicycles are launched on the market. Racing bicycles are constructed for road biking and they’re all about speed. Racing bicycles is not just an extraordinary hobby, but it’s also helpful for your wellness. It’s frustrating to speak about bicycle racing each one of the moment.

Bicycles are simple to maintain and repair. These bicycles are made with special materials so as to supply the rider stability, rigidity and straightforward handling of the car. An individual can pick from a very simple cyclocross bicycles with no gears such as single speed bicycles.

racing bicycles

Racing Bicycles – Overview

By racing you need to have the proper sort of bike for your race. Therefore, choose the kind of bike you would like to have. Road bikes generally have more gear combinations and not as much racing features.

Currently there are a number of kinds of bikes out there. This Bike became remarkably popular in a short time span among the touring professionals and recreational riders. Getting your own bike isn’t a difficult job to maintain.

Unfortunately, under this conditions, there’s no way to check whether the bike is repaired or completely new, so best get a completely new bike or receive a bike professional to help you when purchasing secondhand bikes on the internet. Fortunately, as there is a massive variety to choose from, you are sure to locate a bike that looks and feels perfect. Based on the sort of race you are going to need a unique bike.

You might find that this bike most closely resembles a regular bicycle. This bike employs a frame that simulates a conventional bicycle. A very good bike isn’t really something expensive but should be something which matches the requirements of the operator.

Just because a bike is an excellent deal doesn’t indicate it is a great deal for you. Bikes for women and men are alike in purpose and fashion. These bikes are primarily employed for racing though also employed for long distance journey sometimes. They are very good in comfort. These sorts of bikes have good preliminary setup. Tandem bikes carry a few passengers at once.

Some folks visit the health club and a few play sports. Also, such events represent an ideal occasion for those participants for various gifts from the organizing company. There is some sort of inner competition happening. There’s been a tremendous increase in many individuals that are now willing to take part in a cyclocross race. If you’re participating in a bicycle race, there’s simply no doubt which you will need appropriate practice and training to enhance your cycling technique. Should you do lots of racing on mountain trails then you are in need of a road bike. So whenever you go hunting for the optimal/optimally bike for you, remember the pointers above and you won’ have any problem in the slightest!

The bike’s improvement is based on the part you’ll be adding in addition to the new look it is going to have. Purchasing the simple type of bike will cut the price tag, but should you get an enormous budget then it is possible to go a lot more than the fundamental. Employing tubular tires are extremely popular on account of their capacity to run at low pressure without increasing the danger of flat tires.

Keep practicing until you’re absolutely certain of your capacity to deal with the bicycle on the street. It isn’t usually employed for recreational or competitive purposes. There are numerous processes involved in regards to aluminum bicycle frame repair, and this isn’t a process that nearly all of you can do at home, if you are not a trained welder with the essential instruments and equipment in your garage. With your content in hand it’s time to have them hosted and prepared to sell. You are still able to ride, just take it simple and have fun.

Speed Cycling tips: Build explosive quad strength

Here at speed sport cycles were not only about educating you on the best bikes that are out there, but also on how to ride your bike faster and how to be a better biker and cyclist- whether your doing it for competition or for fun.

This upcoming post takes for the philosophy from a friend of mine who goes by the singular name of went. He has no last name, just like Pele, his name is Prince, – just like other great ones with no last name lol . He has been educating us over the years it is been a huge help to know in the biking community but to the general health and lots community as a whole. I asked him his opinion on how to build explosive quads that also had endurance capabilities and he told me YES it’s possible. He said that the best way to build quad strength obviously is through squatting in through pushing for your lower body. And by pushing that basically means loading up The quads one not loading up your knees and meniscus. He told me that the proper way to squat is to throw your hips back and make sure your stable on your ankles, which means that you will be putting the load on the muscle and not the joint tendons or ligaments. And one of the best exercises you can do for quad strength is the front squat.

Kettlebell training: building quad strength for cyclists

Basically you need to hold a barbell, kettle bell, or a couple of dumbbells up on your shoulders in the front, and you push up-and-down and basically just do squats and you should feel it burning in the front part of your legs or you watch which are very important for delivering a blow into the pedal of your bike. So that’s pretty cool. You could also follow this quick video for a quicker workout, totally your call:

Another one you can do are lunges lunges are a great exercise for individual I strengthen your legs, and you can do those about 45 different ways. The first is to just do a regular bodyweight lunge. The second is to do a jumping lunch we jump up-and-down and landed in perfect form (kind of as seen in the video.) The next one is to do awaited lunch for you to go slow. Next is to do a lunch with weight on your back. And the final progression is to do a lunch with weight over top of your head see you chords a little bit more stabilized. And probably the final exercise is to do a step up with the same progression that your lunches. So it’s not rocket science to building explosive quiet in odyssey you want to foam roll them out and stretch them out afterwards but if you do enough sets and enough intensity you should be able to build Dominant quads, nice and wide so you can ride your bike even faster and longer and harder.